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Introduction & Philosophy

Thank you for investing your valuable time to learn about Bissell Professional Group. We are committed to the clients we serve, so that our clients receive the best value we can provide, with the goal of meeting or exceeding their expectations, and doing so in a timely manner.

On the following pages, you will discover a group of dedicated professionals working to deliver the best in consulting services, whether they are in the form of economic or financial advisor, planning consultant, designer, or construction specialist. Our solutions are strategically scoped in collaboration with our clients and their team of professionals, and are delivered with the skill and attention we would want if we were purchasing such services for ourselves. BPG strives to be conscious of the long term effects of our projects upon the communities we serve by building sustainable elements into our projects to protect our environment, while expanding economic opportunity. Our commitment is reflected in the services we deliver, the people we employ, the ways we educate and train them, and ultimately in the ways we meet our clients’ needs.

It is all about commitment, between our firm and our clients, our staff and our clients, and the individual commitment we share internally peer-to-peer.