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Sustainable Solutions


Stormwater can be either a liability or an asset for communities. We know how to manage your stormwater issues, allowing your district and/or municipality to not only comply with imposed regulations but to mitigate risks of all types associated with stormwater. Our expertise includes all major stormwater system components, including collection, storage, and associated incidentals. Our services range from concept development to planning, design, and construction of stormwater facilities. BPG specializes in solutions that are low in impact and sustainable. Equally as important, we recognize the financial constraints associated with stormwater system improvements and stand ready to offer assistance in determining the sources and availability of funds for such projects.

BPG’s stormwater services are as noted below:

Planning Studies, Permitting, Funding Services

  • Site Selection for Sustainability
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Permitting Assistance (Federal, State, and Local)
  • Funding Assistance (Grants and Loans) Design Services
  • Low-Impact Development Techniques
  • Best Management Practices Techniques
  • Bio-Retention Systems; Rain Garden Design
  • Groundwater Lowering Systems
  • Stormwater Pumping Systems
  • Discrete Pipe Collection Systems

Construction Engineering Services

  • Construction Observation Services
  • Operational Certifications & Commissioning
  • Compliance Review

»Sustainable Solutions

Our Sustainable Solutions team leverages our core services of stormwater, transportation, water, and wastewater, providing a sound foundation for the provision of integrated, sustainable professional services to communities and businesses alike. Our sustainable solutions group is a team of talented professionals with demonstrated leadership in site, corridor, neighborhood, and county-scale planning, design, and development. Our goal is to provide consulting services to public and private developers by adding value to their projects using sustainable solutions. This approach uses a system thinking approach to plan and manage the development of complex multi-faceted projects. This approach provides a high return on investment creating places and communities where people want to live, work and shop that are stable and enduring. We utilize our knowledge of the latest and best practices which include evaluating the sustainability of alternate sites, preparing multiple development scenarios, preserving natural resources, using permeable pavements, natural stormwater management techniques, energy-saving materials, walkability, and traffic calming, all within a context-sensitive design.

Our firm is experienced with planning and design of sustainable land development projects on a community, neighborhood, and individual site basis. Specific services provided under this umbrella include:

Community, Neighborhood, Corridor Planning & Design Projects

  • Area Master Planning
  • Thoroughfare Planning
  • Streetscape Projects

Site Planning & Design

  • Commercial, Residential, & Industrial Site Development
  • Institutional, Municipal, & Educational Projects
  • Industrial/Commerce Park Planning & Design

Public Space Projects

  • Public Access Facilities
  • Park & Open Space Projects
  • Pedestrian Walkway Systems
  • Greenway Systems
  • Community Use Facilities (Park Facilities)